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C.B. Kydex Holsters LLC offers a One-Year Repair/Replacement Guarantee against defects in the assembly or function of your holster. We also offer a 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee for non-custom holster orders, from the day of order delivery. All returned items must be undamaged, unblemished, and otherwise in original condition. Refunds typically arrive within two weeks after your return shipment is received. Contact must be made with C.B. Kydex Holsters LLC prior to the shipment of any returned item(s), regardless of the reason for return. Return shipping costs will not be refunded, unless an error was made on our part (i.e. wrong item or specifications).

C.B. Kydex holsters are warranted against functional defects in assembly, shaping, fit, and finishing.

Kydex is a very sturdy and weather-resistant material. In the case that you some how find a way to break or irreparably damage the body of the holster, then free repair or replacement may or may not be granted, depending on the nature and circumstances of the damage. For instance, driving over and damaging an empty holster will most likely not be covered, but breakage during normal use (although highly unlikely) may very well be covered.

Items sent in for warranty must provide payment for return postage of $5.00 through cash, check or PayPal. Requests for replacing lost hardware need only provide $3.00 for shipping.