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Tactical Infusions Offer

Welcome to a better way to get the perfect Kydex design or pattern on the backdrop of a premium holster construction. Now you can visit and select from their broad selection of designs for use on any C.B. Kydex holster.

STEP 1 = Get the Kydex over here

  • Option 1: Drop off or mail the Kydex in Tucson, AZ (address below)
  • Option 2: Have Tactical Infusions mail the order to:
         C.B. Kydex Holsters LLC
         1810 S. Van Buren Ave.
         Tucson, AZ 85711

STEP 2 = Get your holster built

  • Place your order for the holster you want on this website, selecting the TACTICAL INFUSIONS Offer option under COLOR. This will reduce the cost of your holster by $5 (less for smaller items) and notify me that your Kydex will be arriving for your new holster build.
    • 8x8" pieces will typically cover one holster, if the pistol's slide length is below 8" for full sweat guard Scout holsters
    • 8x12" pieces will typically cover up to 2 holsters, depending on the holster style and size of the firearm(s)
    • Please email with questions before ordering regarding Kydex size compatibility, especially for Kydex with a logo!


  • Any remaining Kydex from your order will be retained by C.B. Kydex Holsters LLC
  • The back of the Sportsman holster will still be black, unless negotiated otherwise