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By placing an order with C.B. Kydex Holsters, you are affirming that you have reviewed your order in detail before submission. C.B. Kydex Holsters will not be held liable, financially or otherwise, for mistakes in a purchase that are not corrected by the buyer prior to the manufacturing of that order. For this reason, it is imperative that you contact C.B. Kydex Holsters if you are unsure about a holster selection or option prior to purchase, or if you made an order selection in error. 

C.B. Kydex Holsters will not be held liable for issues or damage resulting from improper holster usage, maintenance, or alteration during any time of the product's lifespan. It is the user's responsibility to regularly inspect the holster and hardware for damage and/or improper function. It is also strongly advised to obtain proper firearms training and regularly practice the deployment of your weapon from any holster, using an unloaded firearm, to ensure both holster and user efficiency and function. Should any compromising damage, defect, or excessive wear be recognized, cease use of the holster until it is replaced or repaired. As always, treat every firearm as if loaded and exercise caution when handling any deadly weapon or related accessory.