Scout IWB Holster – Glock 19, Right-Handed, Black

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  • Adjustable Retention Screws
  • Concealment Enhancing Features
  • Unique Clip is Tuckable and Adjustable
  • Full Sweat Guard Covers Rear Sight
  • Magazine Release Button Protection
  • Compatible with Slide-Mounted Red Dot Optics

The Scout holster is the most compact of the C.B. Kydex Holster line-up, adding nearly zero bulk to your existing firearm. This sturdy Inside-the-Waistband (IWB) holster is designed to be worn anywhere along your strong-side hip, from the front appendix position back to the 5:00 hip position above the rear pants pocket. The adjustable retention screws allow you to easily modify how tightly the holster holds the gun. Concealment enhancing features have been integrated into the holster, providing an exceptional obscuring of the firearm under the shirt.

A lower interior wedge tucks the top of the gun in towards the body, while an exterior trigger guard wedge keeps the grip of the gun pressed into the body. These wedges help prevent the more common culprits from printing under your shirt for everyone to see.

The sturdy injection-molded polymer clip provides a surefire attachment to the belt so the holster stays put as you draw your weapon… every time. This unique clip offers a vertical or 15º forward carry angle, and also allows a shirt to be tucked in over the gun for those more formal concealment situations.

A full-height sweat guard acts as a barrier to prevent sweat accumulating on the pistol slide, and also to help prevent the slide and rear sight from jabbing into your side. The magazine release button on the gun is also partially covered, preventing an accidental press that would leave your gun with a loose magazine when you draw – Never a good thing! This feature is absent on most other holsters on the market, but is one of many examples of the design and forethought that makes C.B. Kydex the best! 

Do you have a red dot sight on your Glock? NO PROBLEM! Clearances have been added to allow all common pistol slide-mounted red dot optics.

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